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Blood Draw/Phlebotomy Services Specialist

Capital Women's Care

Obstetrics & Gynecology located in Montgomery, Bethesda, MD

Blood testing is an important tool to better understand how well your body is functioning. At Capital Women’s Care in Bethesda, Maryland, women from Montgomery County can have their blood work done in-office, with no need to drive across town or schedule additional appointments. The experienced team, which includes Dr. Deena Kleinerman, Dr. Rachael Cleberg, Dr. Kirsten Beeson, Kimberly Severn, CNM and Morgan Wilkerson, PA-C, is available to discuss blood draws or phlebotomy services in more detail, so call to book an appointment today.

Blood Draw/Phlebotomy Services Q & A

Why is blood testing necessary?

Your blood contains a wealth of information about how your body is functioning at any point in time. This simple screening method provides your Capital Women’s Care medical team with insight into many aspects of your health, which is why blood draws are such a common part of routine health care.

Blood tests can reveal:


  • How well your liver, kidneys, and thyroid are working
  • Diagnosis of anemia, cancer, HIV, or coronary heart disease
  • High blood glucose or diabetes
  • Your blood’s clotting function
  • How well your current medications are working
  • Your level of vitamins and minerals


Based on your results, your Capital Women’s Care doctor may recommend additional screening options for various medical issues.


Are there other reasons to pursue a blood draw or phlebotomy services?

One of the best reasons to have blood testing done periodically is to add to the information contained in your medical record. The results of blood testing can show gradual changes over time, helping you better understand your overall health and wellness.

Blood testing isn’t something to consider only when symptoms are present. In fact, many women have routine blood testing as part of their larger health management approach. For example, if you’re making an effort to improve your diet, blood testing can measure your cholesterol as well as vitamin and mineral levels.



What is the process like for getting blood drawn?

Having blood drawn or phlebotomy services is a quick and straightforward procedure. You sit or recline as the Capital Women’s Care practitioner cleans your skin on your arm or hand. Next, they insert a thin needle into the targeted vein.

You will feel a pinprick as the needle pierces your skin, but once in place, the rest of the process takes very little time. The blood draw is often over before you realize it, and the next thing you’ll feel is a piece of cotton or gauze being taped over the area.

If you’re squeamish about the thought of having blood drawn, just tell your practitioner at the beginning of your appointment. You can always listen to music during the process, or your practitioner can explain each step as it occurs if that helps.

If you need blood testing, the ability to have your blood drawn at Capital Women’s Care is a convenience you’ll appreciate. You can have phlebotomy services as a stand-alone appointment or combined with your well-woman exam or another visit. Call to schedule an appointment today.