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MonaLisa Touch


The New Laser Treatment

The MonaLisa Touch is a fractional C02 laser that has been FDA approved to ablate and coagulate soft tissue. When used in the vagina, it’s a painless cosmetic procedure that requires no anesthesia and may help alleviate changes that occur during menopause.

Our providers have been some of the earliest adopters of MonaLisa Touch therapy and have successfully treated conditions and symptoms associated with genitourinary syndrome of menopause. Some of these symptoms may include painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, urinary symptoms such as incontinence and urgency, vaginal relaxation and skin conditions that affect the labia or external parts of the vagina. While not required, oftentimes therapy can be combined with other treatment modalities such as hormone replacement and even pelvic floor physical therapy. The goals of treatment are to help restore healthier vaginal tissue and improve overall functioning.

The MonaLisa Touch is the only laser procedure available that delivers stacking technology which enables deeper penetration into the treatment tissues. While some patients already report improvement after the first session, full courses include three (3) office treatments lasting 5-10 minutes each. These sessions are scheduled 6 weeks apart. After the initial three (3) treatments have been completed, an annual follow up session is recommended. Be sure to ask your provider if MonaLisa Touch therapy might be right for you.