Telemedicine Visits

Here at Capital Women’s Care we want you to know we are here to support you and care for you during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now offering telemedicine visits to address your healthcare needs from the safety of your home.

Telemedicine visits are conducted on either your computer, laptop or phone and you need a working camera and microphone to participate. This allows your healthcare provider to speak with you and address your concerns through a live video visit.  

Social distancing and staying home are incredibly important during this time to decrease the transmission of coronavirus and to decrease your risk of becoming ill. While we are still seeing obstetric patients and emergent gynecologic patients in the office, we wanted to offer a safer way for patients to have their other needs addressed during this time.

Once an appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email to join the visit 15 minutes before the start of your appointment. Once you have joined, you will be in a virtual waiting room until your provider joins the visit.

We hope this provides easier access to healthcare and we hope that our patients stay safe and healthy! Call our office today to schedule a telemedicine visit!

Morgan Wilkerson, PA-C

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